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A Very Natural Thing

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80 Minutes


When David, an ex-monk still in his twenties meets Mark, he falls hard; soon he's asked Mark if they can live together. Things go well for awhile, and then differences in their definition of "commitment" begin to push them apart. Mark wants other sexual adventures, David tries to go along. Can they talk through the crisis in their relationship or is a breakup in the offing? David sees his relationship with Mark as a marriage, so if it ends, can David's heart ever heal?


A. Bailey Chapin
Alan Moldow
Anthony Mckay
Arnie Kantrowitz
Astrida Cimdins
Barnaby Rudge
Ben Simon
Bernard Lewis
Billy Longo
Bo White
Bobby Niles
Chris Ballant
Christopher Estridge
Curt Gareth
David Campos
Deborah Trowbridge
Dina Moore
Edward Ouger
Frank Ventgen
Fred Mannara Jr.
George Diaz
Grove Wood
Howard Blakey
Jack Firestone
Jane Roseman
Jay Pierce
Jerry Ent
Jesse Trowbridge
John Damon
John Parr
Jose Aponte
Kathy Kesler
Kim Yesse
Larry Burns
Linda Weitz
Lou Miranda
Marilyn Meyers
Martin Wade
Mel Barth
Michael Kell
Michael Lavery
Paul Vanase
Ray Zarr
Reginald Eley
Rhodes Cox
Robert Ellis
Robert Grillo
Robert Mclane
Roy Berman
Roy Berndt
Scott Eisman
Sheila Rock
Stephen Harvey
Thomas Chang
Tommy Riscica
Tony Cedar
Vito Russo
Windsor Boyd



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