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Ted Bundy

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99 Minutes


Director Matthew Bright (Freeway) directs this tale of one of the most notorious serial killers in the annals of crime. Standing in stark contrast to the generally accepted view of serial killers, Ted Bundy (Michael Reilley Burke) was intelligent, quick-witted, and handsome. Engaged to a beautiful fiancée who never suspected his murderous tendencies, the feral Bundy develops a taste for murder that ultimately results in the deaths of at least 19 young women through the course of the 1970s. From posing as an injured driver and luring unsuspecting women to their deaths to an astonishing pair of jailbreaks and his ultimate death by capital punishment, viewers follow the murderous madman on a crime spree that shocked a nation and left the public's perception of what a serial killer is truly capable of forever changed.


Alexa Jago
Alexa Nikolas
Annalee Autumn
Boti Bliss
Deborah Offner
Eric Dare
Jennifer Tisdale
Julianna Mccarthy
Marina Black
Matt Hoffman
Melissa Schmidt
Michael Reilly Burke
Michael Santos
Orly Tepper
Phoebe Dollar
Steffani Brass
Susan Featherly
Tiffany Shepis
Tom Savini
Tracey Walter



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