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Degrassi High

Degrassi High
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The young denizens of Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada, having graduated from one television series, Kids of Degrassi Street, to another, Degrassi Junior High, confront life as teenagers during the heady, late 1980s in Degrassi High. Produced in Canada and seen in America on cable and PBS, the sometimes-controversial series confronts serous issues (adolescent pregnancy, AIDS, suicide) in a head-on way, often to the annoyance of TV censors.


Adam David
Amanda Cook
Amanda Stepto
Anais Granofsky
Angela Deiseach
Cathy Keenan
Chrissa Erodotou
Christian Campbell
Dan Woods
Darrin Brown
David Armin-Parcells
Dayo Ade
Duncan Waugh
Florence Darnell
Irene Courakos
Jacy Hunter
John Ioannou
John Weir
Kirsten Bourne
Kyra Levy
L. Dean Ifill
Maureen Deiseach
Maureen Mckay
Michael Carry
Neil Hope
Nicole Stoffman
Pat Mastroianni
Rebecca Haines
Sara Holmes
Siluck Saysanasy
Stacie Mistysyn
Stefan Brogen



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