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Emmerdale is one of the longest running soaps in the world, Since 1972, Itv and Yorshire Telelvision have been bringing you this fantastic drama. The Set & Studio was designed by Phil Redmond. He constructed a new dedicated Emmerdale Production Centre, right next door to the Emmerdale TV Centre. The new studio complex, which was opened by the then Prime Minister John Major in 1997, is trumpeted by YTV as the largest single floor TV production facility in the world. The mill at Farsley - which has its production facilities on three floors - was kept by YTV as an interior set base for Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost. But the final piece of the jigsaw still hadn't been put in place - an exterior set, closed to the public, which would enable unrestricted filming.YTV explored the possibility of building a complete outdoor set on land belonging to the Queen's cousin, George Lascelles, the 7th Earl


Andrew Whipp
Andy Devine
Beverley Callard
Billy Hartman
Charley Webb
Charlie Hardwick
Charlie Kemp
Charlotte Bellamy
Chris Chittell
Ciarán Griffiths
Claire King
Clive Hornby
Daniel Pearson
Danny Miller
David Crellin
Deena Payne
Dominic Brunt
Dominic Power
Eden Taylor-Draper
Elizabeth Estensen
Emily Symons
Emma Atkins
Freya Copeland
Gemma Oaten
Georgia Slowe
Ian Kelsey
Imogen Moore
Isabel Hodgins
James Thornton
Jane Cox
Jeff Hordley
Jenna Coleman
Jessica Haywood
John Middleton
Julia Mallam
Karl Davies
Kelvin Fletcher
Ken Farrington
Kim Thomson
Laura Crossley
Laura Norton
Leah Bracknell
Lesley Dunlop
Linda Thorson
Lisa Riley
Lorraine Chase
Lucy Pargeter
Luke Tittensor
Lyndon Ogbourne
Mark Charnock
Matt Healy
Matthew Wolfenden
Maxwell Caulfield
Natalie Anderson
Natalie J. Robb
Nick Miles
Nicola Wheeler
Oscar Lloyd
Patrick Mower
Patsy Kensit
Paul Loughran
Paula Tilbrook
Pauline Quirke
Peter Amory
Peter Martin
Rachel Tolboys
Ray Ashcroft
Richard Thorp
Ross Kemp
Samantha Giles
Sammy Winward
Sheree Murphy
Shirley Stelfox
Siân Reeves
Sophia Moore
Steve Halliwell
Stuart Wade
Tom Lister
Tony Audenshaw
Ursula Holden-Gill
Verity Rushworth



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