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Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Space Ghost and Dino Boy
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Space Ghost started out as a scientist, but later was recruited into a member of the intergalactic police. His abilities come from his suit that allows him to fly, and the power bands on his wrists can get him out of almost any situation. Space Ghost is assisted by the twin duo Jace and Jan. They both sport jetpacks that allow them to fly and inviso belts that turn them invisable. They also have communicators that allow them to contact Space Ghost. And finally there is Blip, a pet of the Space Ghost crew that also sports the jetpack and inviso belt. Blip does his share of getting everyone into and out of trouble. The Space Ghost crew is based out of the Ghost Planet. From there, they patrol a small sector of space with the Phantom Cruiser (sometimes refered to as the Ghost Ship). Together, the Space Ghost and the kids fight against the forces of evil that are wreaking chaos in s


Alan Reed
Don Messick
Gary Owens
Ginny Tyler
Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson
Keye Luke
Mike Road
Ted Cassidy
Tim Matheson
Vic Perrin



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