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Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
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Imagine being able to sense danger, crawl any wall, be strong enough to bend steel, and have more agility than any other human? For Peter Parker, this is a fact. Except he doesn't think of it as a gift. In his final year of High School, Peter Parker was bitten by an irradiated spider. After brief hallucinations, Peter wakes up with incredible powers--much like that of a spider. Thus, to make some extra cash, Peter takes on the persona of Spider-Man, and tries to pursue a career as a pro wrestler. When he witnesses a robbery, he lets the criminal escape, simply because "it's not his problem". Then, when his dear Uncle Ben is killed, Peter finds that the murderer is none other than the criminal he failed to stop before. Now, Peter uses his powers to stop crime, as he learns that "With great power, comes great responsibility".


Christopher Daniel Barnes
Edward Asner
Gary Imhoff
Jennifer Hale
Joseph Campanella
Linda Gary
Rodney Saulsberry
Roscoe Lee Browne
Sara Ballantine



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